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The landscape of playing slots either online or offline in land based casinos is constantly evolving, and this has led to us designing the Slots Planet website. The aim of this website is simple and that is to provide you, the slot player, with as much information as possible to allow you to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the world of slots!

The first thing you need to understand before playing any type of slot machine is that there are literally thousands of them available to play, some slots require a minimum stake (which can be as low a one penny) and some can cost you hundreds of dollars per spin, the former are known as Penny Slots and the latter are known as High Roller Slots and we have full in-depth sections covering both types, so no matter what your slot budget is you are guaranteed one to suit it.

If you opt to play slot machines online then you will find loads of Free Slot Games which will let you test drive every single one, but by far the best way to play slots online is to checkout our section on Free Slots Win Real Money. Here you can play online slots completely free of charge but have the chance of winning real money!

Slot Playing Guides

All slot machines are not made equal, and with this at the forefront of your mind you should be looking for the Best Online Slots which give you plenty of action for your slot bankroll, take a look at our Slot Payout Percentages section where you can track down the top paying slots and avoid those that give you a poor payback.

We will also show you not only the Top Online Casinos but we have also put together several in-depth reviews of a range of Slots Casinos, these sites are dedicated to the online slot player and have a wealth of special Slot Tournaments along with some unbeatable Casino Bonuses, so if you are seeking maximum value then make sure you check them out.

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With so many different slot games available to play online you truly are spoilt for choice, so to help you select your top slot we have compiled several sections covering the many different varieties online. Whether you like to play the action packed Video Slots or the UK based Fruit Machines or even the huge winning potential offered on Progressive Slots you will find them all, here at Slots Planet.

We pride ourselves on giving you as much slots information as possible. We have tried and tested many slots at some of the top casinos on the internet so that you can be sure to play slots at the best online casino and unlike other slots sites you wont find pages full of banners or advertising, just good old fashioned, factual slot machine information. Feel free to have a good look around our website as we are confident you will find everything you are looking for, and enjoy your visit, and here's hoping your next slot session either online and offline is a profitable one.